The Sentinel App works on mobile devices you want to carry with you (like our Sentinel ST1 compact tracking device, or your own, such as smartphones or smartwatches). The Sentinel app runs quietly in the background of your smart device, storing position data and sending it to our servers. It will also be able to pair with ant+ or bluetooth sensors for devices like heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors, power meters, foot pods and will send data obtained from them.

Initially we will support Android and iOS, which cover 96% of the mobile device market.

If future demand exists, we will port the app to support Sailfish OS, Symbian S60, Blackberry and WinPhone.

The Sentinel Website is what you (or friends and family) will use to see real-time position, progress, and other customized information you want displayed.

The website is also where, with a secure login, you manage your Sentinel account and device features. We will offer computer and mobile versions of the website for easy viewing and use, anytime, anywhere.

You can choose which language to view and manage your Sentinel account.


Incub8 will develop Sentinel Tracker software: the app, website, and our web servers.

System specifications

  • OpenStreetMap
  • Map server OS: Ubuntu LTS
  • Web & Database server OS: CentOS
  • Server: Apache
  • Scripting: Ruby on Rails & Javascript
  • Database: PostgreSQL