sercure-iconData Safe

We take all your data — financial, electronic, contact, personal, tracking, etc. — very seriously. We don’t store credit card or account information, we don't require contracts, and we secure all your tracking data to the highest level possible. We will never share your information unless you ask us to (like a viewing link so friends can follow you during an event).

ster-iconCustomise It

Many options to customise include:

  • sends and stores data at intervals you select
  • shares information or keeps it completely secure at the levels you want
  • auto-start option (no hassles pre- or mid-race or getting out the door)
  • activity parameters like heart rate, cadence/steps, power
  • multiple language options
  • so much more!

satalite-iconSatellite Systems

Multiple positioning systems means reliable data capture. Sentinel works with all four satellite navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, giving you the best real-time data possible.

3g-iconCellular Speed

Expanded cellular coverage: current trackers use 2G/GSM bandwidths with limited customisation, coverage, and slow data movement. Sentinel will also operate on 3G networks, which is much more flexible and useful (3G includes 2G bandwidths as well).

Better than satellite: using satellite uplinking to send position data can be less practical as it’s highly weather-dependent and costly.

phone-IconAny Smart Device

Use your own devices. Sentinel will work on any of your existing smart devices: large, small, mobile, Sentinel does it all.

ST1-iconCompact Tracker

ST1 Tracking Device: a small waterproof tracker to wear when smartphones aren’t practical or permitted. All customisable options work with the ST1 Tracker too!

check-iconEasy to Use

Ease of use: the app is easy to download and will auto-connect your smart device to Sentinel Tracker. When you get your ST1 Tracker Package, open it, charge the tracker, stick a SIM card in it, follow the instructions on line, and you will TRACK!