Sentinel Tracker will do for you what no current tracker systems can.

Because Sentinel offers both its tracking app and the ST1 Tracker, you have full flexibility in using your own smart devices, and an array of superior, customisable features in the app and tracking device.

Our level and type of data security does not exist in the tracking retail market. If you are tracking your children, nobody should be able to access that. We do not store your financial information, and we will never share your contact or personal information.

In these times of hacking, stalking, and information and identity theft, Sentinel gives you more security.

Because we are so meticulous with data control, we can also do the opposite: give your friends and family an outstanding, customised view while tracking you during your events or adventures.

Other systems are too expensive or impractical for everyday tracking (like people, pets, or training). Current portable tracking devices work only with 2G/GSM cellular, which is being phased out in most of the world. These trackers tend to have contained batteries, meaning short battery life and making replacement difficult: it usually means replacing the whole device.